Let’s take some action this Earth Day!

Join the mission for the preservation of Antarctica by participating in the 2041 Challenge, April 16-30th!

With just 20 years to go until 2041, we are asking you to find 20 sponsors to fund you $20 each for you to undertake a 20-mile journey. You could walk, run, cycle, swim, kayak or even unicycle your way to 20 miles. Take the Pledge below by filling in your name, email, home country, fund source (Facebook, GoFundMe, etc),
and activity (run, bike, etc). Read on to learn more.

Document Your Journey

Be sure to document your journey using #2041Challenge and tag us on social media @2041foundation! Tune in to our social media accounts to keep up with your fellow 2041 Alumni on their Earth Day Challenges.


Also, be sure to give a ‘Thank You’ shout out to your sponsors! Dedicate each mile to the sponsor who funded that portion of your journey.







Hosting Your Fundraiser

Host your #2041Challenge fundraising campaign on Facebook, GoFundMe, or any other platform that is popular in your country! See step by step instructions for starting your Facebook Fundraiser HERE or for GoFundMe HERE. Be sure to tag the 2041 Foundation @2041Foundation in your posts!


*For those participants who are not using Facebook Fundraiser. Once you have received & organized your donations & completed your challenge please submit them through the donation portal on our website by clicking below.


All money raised for the 2041 Foundation will go to global forest regeneration and carbon capture initiatives.

Report Your Challenge Stats

Thanks for participating! We don’t want to miss anyone’s fundraiser and would love if you could respond back with the data from your challenge. We will plan on including this data in our 2041/20 challenge report.


No personal information will be shared. Remember, if you didn’t raise any money, no problem! We would still love to include you in the report.



  • Do I have to choose one activity to complete all 20 miles?
    • No, absolutely not! Any combination of self-powered activity totalling 20 miles counts towards this challenge.
  • Who can sponsor me?
    • Friends, family, local businesses, and anyone else who is passionate about environmental restoration and stewardship.
  • I’m having a hard time getting ALL 20 sponsors… Any suggestions?
    • Think outside of your immediate network! Use it as a talking point throughout your day, inspire others with the idea to get outside and move your body. Engage your school, your co-workers, or friends you haven’t connected with lately. Remember 20 sponsors is only a goal, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t reach it.
  • Can I engage more than 20 sponsors? & Travel more than 20 miles?
    • Of course, just be sure to document your journey so we all can follow along by tagging @2041Foundation and using the hashtag #2041Challenge.
  • When do I have to complete my challenge by?
    • Complete your 20-mile challenge by April 30th.