2041 Alumni

The 2041 Alumni was established in 2005 to maintain and enhance a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni worldwide. The 2041 Alumni provides an opportunity for participants who have joined Robert Swan on one of his many Expeditions, to stay connected with each other and continue our efforts to engage and inspire current leaders and future generations to protect the Earth and therefore, preserve Antarctica. Today, there are more than 4,000 alumni in the 2041 network. Individually and as a team, we believe we can make a difference.

Calling All 2041 Alumni

I am so pleased that you are now part of the 2041 “family.” You are only here because you took the first step and completed the Antarctic Expedition with myself and the 2041 Team. Well Done. There is much to do to accomplish the changes we discussed, but together….We can… let’s get started, Robert Swan. In order to be a 2041 Alumni, you must have traveled on one of 2041 Expeditions. We now have a LinkedIn site for all 2041 Alumni. You will have received an invitation by email. If not please contact our staff on the following email and she will provide you with the information info@2041foundation.org.


Shaivya Singh Rathore

Chennai, India IAE 2016

I joined IAE as a participant in 2016. I was a Teach For India Fellow then looking to teach my students sustainability and climate solutions lessons. Thanks to the expedition, I went back to not only impact my own students but started a foundation on the Himalayas to emulate the IAE experience to help teach women and children in a village.


Todd Latham

Toronto, Canada IAE 2011

IAE 2011 was a transformative, life-changing event for me. While I was already in the environmental industry and have been communicating on the protection of our environment since 1989, the journey with Robert and my cohort was affirmational and intensely rewarding. The ‘sustainable inspiration’ that our expedition provided has continued to fuel my passion and business.


Mallika Arya

Delhi, India IAE 2017

The highlight of the expedition for me was definitely meeting people from around the world who are working on a wide range of solutions. Keeping in touch with most of them and seeing what they are continuing to do always provides hope!


Ny-Ann Nolasco

San Francisco, CA, USA IAE 2015

The expedition gave me the ability to bridge conversations about climate change and other environmental issues with community members, private and public sector representatives. My work today requires the same set of skills — translating various requirements, policy impacts, and bridging competing priorities.


Rituraj Phukan

Nagaon, Assam, India IAE 2013

I am often asked about my first impression of Antarctica and my answer is that even the remotest place on earth is not free from human influence; it comes from the sight of whale bones and parts of a whaling boat during our first landing at Trinity island. I learned that although Antarctica didn’t have any permanent or native human population, there were vestiges of human influence everywhere.


Heather De Cruz-Cornaire

London-Hertfordshire, United Kingdom IAE 2017

The IAE expedition was a life-changing experience – it was a privilege to be guided by Robert, Barney and the team, who are inspirational and accessible, down to earth people. Being able to access some landing bays on the Antarctic peninsula and to experience this pristine wilderness was such a visceral experience, I can still ‘feel’ it. I don’t even need to close my eyes. The lectures/workshops facilitated a sense of community, which were educational and inspirational. There is absolutely no doubt, this has truly transformed who I am as a person – I am still sharing my own insights with friends, family, colleagues and my local community.