The Journey so Far…

Antarctica has greeted us with open arms on this voyage with an incredible sunset on our very first evening. The group has been taking in the sights and sounds and is extremely excited to be here. In between our zodiac cruises and Antarctic landings, time on the ship is spent in workshops and speakers corners, allowing the participants to share their stories and get to know one another. The most exciting part of the trip truly is the people who join us in Antarctica. Putting a purpose behind travel to this region captivates the imagination of individuals who would have never thought to travel to this area of the world.

Battling unpredictable weather in Antarctica comes with the trip. Winds and visibility can change in an instant so adaptability is key. The ship tracker has been following our voyage which you can see below. Big Thank you to the entire Expedition Staff, bridge crew, and hotel & food management for making this voyage so special… and safe. The entire team is excited for Deception Island to come and the polar plunge, which are both big highlights of any trip to Antarctica.