Last 300

On January 13th, 2020, the ‘Last 300’ and the ‘Last Degree’ expeditions reached the South Geographic Pole.

Robert Swan returned to the icy continent to finish a life-long dream that he started three decades ago. Using Advanced BioFuels and gear made from plants, CO2, and recycled materials, the Last 300 team successfully completed their journey.

Walking to the South Pole

Watch above as the team battles through 300 miles of the toughest conditions on the planet including below freezing temperatures, gusting wind, and deep sastrugi (wind-swept ice formations).

In the year 2041, the fate of Antarctica will be decided. Join us for the remaining 20 years of our 50-year mission to preserve Antarctica as a natural reserve for science and peace. Learn more about how to get involved with supporting our mission.
The Last 300 Team

Kathinka Gyllenhammar, Guide


Kathinka has a love for both nature and high mountains. She lived in Alaska for five years were she worked as a dog sledge driver, and fisherman. She has been a ski instructor, and she has even managed her own ski school for both adults and children. These past years she has managed her own fitness center. Kathinka has had several long trips on Svalbard and along the Norwegian mountains. She has participated in Expedition Amundsen several times.

Johanna Davidsson, Lead Antarctic Guide


Johanna Davidsson is a professional polar guide, nurse and an adventurer from Sweden. Johanna is an experienced polar explorer and most known for her expedition crossing Greenland from the south to the north and her world record breaking expedition skiing solo to the South Pole. She lives in northern Norway north of the arctic circle in Tromsø where she works as a nurse. She has experiences from long ski trips in Sweden, Norway and Svalbard and Johanna has been guiding two seasons in Antarctica. When she’s not skiing her other big passion is climbing in the mountains.

Kyle O’Donoghue, Documentary Filmmaker


Kyle is a Storyteller and adventurer with 15 years of experience working in harsh and remote locations. With a passion for long journeys, Kyle has completed a first kayak descent of the Rio Maranon in Peru, a 2,000 km journey as well as a 65-day skiing expedition to northern Canada’s Ellesmere Island. Since 2005 he has been a member of 2041’s Antarctic Expeditions and in 2008 was part of a team which worked to get Robert Swan’s Education Bases up and running. Having filmed on all seven continents with a focus on environmental and social issues he is aware of how fragile a line we are walking in our use of the planet’s resources.