Undaunted: South Pole 2023

Expedition Complete! The Team Made it. They arrived at the South Pole on Jan 10th, 2023 to the hour and date 37 years after Roger Mear, Gareth Wood, and Robert Swan arrived ‘In the Footsteps of Scott’. Robert Swan crossed the Antarctic Landmass working alongside Kohler Energy & NTT Data, and supported by his son Barney and filmer Kyle.

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In December, 2017 Robert and his son, Barney Swan, set off on the South Pole Energy Challenge. Halfway through this 600-mile journey, Robert was forced to turn back due to a catastrophic physical injury leaving Barney to complete the challenge — becoming the first person in history to walk to the South Pole powered solely by renewable energy. In January, 2020, Robert returned to Antarctica to finish the remaining 300 nautical miles across the landmass but again fell short of his childhood dream by a mere 97 nautical miles a after reinjury again forced him to evacuate. Overcoming extraordinary odds, Robert will return to Antarctica leading the Undaunted: South Pole 2023 Expedition one final time showing the world what is possible to achieve if you persevere. Robert has lived his life by the motto that if you make a commitment you must honor it. This type of mentality is exactly what is needed most in our world.

Follow along with Robert and the team as they complete the last 90 miles to the South Pole.

Ground Zero for Climate Change

Today, our planet faces it’s most challenging test in history. As the global environment and climate crises worsens by the day, it is imperative that we come together as a planet to face this catastrophe head on. Robert will continue to serve as a beacon of hope for Antarctica which is ground zero in the fight against climate change. He will bring revolutionary renewable energy technologies on the expedition to show the world that if these energy sources can be used in the most inhospitable environment on the planet, then we can do so anywhere on earth. 


No one is more prepared to continue to lead this 50-year mission for the preservation of the Antarctic continent as a Natural Reserve Land for Science and Peace than Robert Swan. Track the Expedition.

‘Undaunted’: The Last Degree – Be a Part of History

   In January 2023, Barney Swan will lead a team of intrepid explorers to join his father, Robert Swan, on the remaining 60 miles to the South Pole completing the final leg of the Undaunted Expedition.


   Together, Robert and the Undaunted team will demonstrate true resilience – of body, mind, and spirit. Follow along and Track the Expedition.

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