2041 ClimateForce: Antarctica

March 17 – 28, 2022

The history of our planet has lasted billions of years, and the reality of climate change has the power to radically reshape our future. The need for massive action to combat this issue has never been more important. In support of the 2041 Foundation’s mission, we will be sponsoring a number of young leaders to join a global team to Antarctica. Scholarships will be awarded based on both financial need and merit. For those individuals who have applied for an expedition, you will be notified by our team if you have been granted a scholarship. (Please note: there is no separate application for these scholarships, which are based on merit and financial need. 2-3% of selected team members will be notified of their scholarship award.) Ask for an application to learn more about this special voyage that equips leaders with the resources and actionable solutions to become a part of a global force of change.

Applications are closed for the March 2022 expedition. to receive notifications about future opportunities’

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The Mission Heads South!

In March 2022, 2041 will be sponsoring a number of young leaders to journey to a hotspot of climate change – the Antarctic – the place that nearly took Robert’s life some 35 years ago. The mission of the expedition is to utilize adventure as a vehicle to preserve our planet. It is important that people go to Antarctica to observe the changes that are happening so that they can return home and become advocates for this last great wilderness on earth!


Over the last 23 years, Robert Swan has led more than 4,000 people to the Polar Regions on various expeditions. No other individual has a stronger record of success and experience in leading ventures in the Polar Regions.


Become Part of the Force

As a team member on the CFA22 expedition, you become part of a vast movement of change leaders from across the globe. With thousands of alumni in over 100 countries, you will have access to a diverse set of ideas, resources, and connections to become champions for a more sustainable future.


CFA22’s renowned ‘Leadership on the Edge’ program consists of a unique blend of leadership development, up-to-date climate change training, and sustainability education. The leadership team incorporates workshops on storytelling, writing, presentation, and public speaking to help guide participants on their leadership journey. Through completing this program alumni have utilized this training as a catalyst to further their personal and professional development. Learn more by downloading the Program Overview


We have co-created the Polar Carbon Negative Initiative (PCNI). The goal of PCNI is to establish a set of C02 standard protocols for the global travel industry to adhere to when embarking on sea expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic regions to ensure that each voyage is Carbon Negative.



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