Author: Barney Swan

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Today was something special. We loaded our sleds and marched onto the glacier for the first time, as a team. It was a gripping reality to feel the weight on our bodies, the harness digging into our skin. Being next to Kyle, Martin, and Papa in a line...

We embrace the last moments of darkness before the sun erupts from the "land of fire" to the East.   Our dear friend Alejo, bids us farewell between street dogs, and blooming lupins. Others from around the world, share excitement as we embark onto the mighty Ylushan aircraft. Bound...

Bringing together the technology to launch the first polar expedition to survive off renewable energy has been a monumental task. After testing the tech in December 2016 at Union Glacier, Antarctica- the equipment has been modified and readied for the mammoth 600-mile journey ahead.   On a...

Getting ready to ski 60 days to the South Pole has been a compounded journey over the past few years. Whilst managing the logistics, outreach, and sponsorship surrounding the venture has taken up most of the team's time- training mind and body has been just...