As a Team

Today was something special.

We loaded our sleds and marched onto the glacier for the first time, as a team.

It was a gripping reality to feel the weight on our bodies, the harness digging into our skin.

Being next to Kyle, Martin, and Papa in a line was very inspiring.

I am curious to witness the collective experience, and humor grow between us as time unfurls.

This rapport and shared respect will get us through the hard times which lay ahead.

Whilst the weather today was perfect- blue bird skies and a whisper of wind.

It is intimidating to think how exposed will be out there to the wind and elements.

Away from ALE’s basecamp hidden over a rise within the glacier.

Especially on the plateau, the good, the bad, and the damn right insane will be awaiting us.

It was fascinating to share Dads reflections being back here with a fully loaded sled.

The crunching of the snow, the sliding of ice, desolation, and daily systems are ingrained in him.

All of these moments he has experienced sledding have come full circle.

We are making the most of cooked meals, pitched tents, and diversity of humans.

Soon it will be just the four of us, and ice.