Mind & Body Preperation

Getting ready to ski 60 days to the South Pole has been a compounded journey over the past few years. Whilst managing the logistics, outreach, and sponsorship surrounding the venture has taken up most of the team’s time- training mind and body has been just as important. Some of these preparation processes have been separated into three major categories listed below.

  • Endurance Conditioning

    • Tire pulling

    • High altitude cardio

    • Yoga, stretching, and recovery

    • Diet modification


  • Technical Skills

    • Glacier travel

    • Crevasse rescue

    • Extreme cold/exposure condition

    • Mountaineering


  • Mental Fortitude

    • Visualizing distances to prepare for 10 miles per day

    • Historical referencing of real explorers

    • Building resistance to fatigue and stress

    • Preparing for cultural/ physical isolation


All of these processes and skills mentioned above are melding together to ensure that the team is ready to embark into the merciless heart of the great white continent. Without this preparation, the harsh realities of the Antarctic will meet weakness and disorganization with life-threatening consequences.