South Pole Energy Challenge Tech

Bringing together the technology to launch the first polar expedition to survive off renewable energy has been a monumental task. After testing the tech in December 2016 at Union Glacier, Antarctica- the equipment has been modified and readied for the mammoth 600-mile journey ahead.


On a standard polar expedition, each person uses around 200-250 ML of jet aviation fuel per day. This fuel is used to melt ice to water and cook upon. SPEC is pioneering a different approach to managing the energy needs for polar expeditions. Using passive solar thermal systems, a NASA designed ice melter, and advanced biofuels the team will attempt to use a renewable energy mix to sustain their water and cooking needs.

Additionally, they will be using solar technology to charge lithium batteries that will power their camera and communication devices. Collectively, all of this technology will be tested in some of the harshest conditions on our planet. With hope, the SPEC expedition will help create momentum towards the clean energy transition and showcase both the application and viability of these emerging technologies.