A Chilly Day – Day 43 Of SPEC


Today a flight left Punta Arenas, Chile bound for Union Glacier, Antarctica.

Aboard the flight are 6 intrepid explorers who will join Robert and the SPEC Team to ski the Last Degree with them to the Geographic South Pole.  Tonight I would like to introduce you to two of them….Chris Powel and Daniel D’Hotman. Over the next 2 weeks we will follow their journey with Robert and they will meet up with the SPEC Team.

Chris Powell

When Rob came to speak earlier this year at Commvault, employees were inspired by his message and we saw a clear link between his mission and Commvault – both what we do, and how we work. Commvault helps our customers on the path to achieving remarkable things through managing and protecting data, and internally – our promise to our people is that they have the freedom to make an impact, together. So when Rob first approached us to partner with him on the South Pole Energy Challenge – we jumped at the opportunity.  We’re honored to be the official data partner of the 2041 Foundation to help protect the data surrounding their efforts of conservation. For me personally, joining the expedition was a matter of “walking the walk” to underscore our commitment to enabling the remarkable, to sustainability, and to the freedom for our employees to make an impact.

Daniel D’Hotman

My name is Daniel D’Hotman, and I recently finished my final medical exams in Australia. I’m currently training in British Columbia, Canada, for the Last Degree, where I will join the final 60 miles of the South Pole Energy Challenge with five others. Barney Swan and I met 13 years ago, in Far North Queensland, Australia. Since then we have remained best friends. When the opportunity arose to join Barney on SPEC, the ultimate adventure, and work towards improving renewable energy technologies, a cause we are both passionate about, I did not hesitate. Upon returning to Australia, I want to maximize the impact of 2041’s education program to bring SPEC’s message to 20,000 Australian children and a variety of businesses and corporates. Australia is a small country, but we have one of the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions per capita globally. This must change. We want SPECs education program to empower the students of today to make better decisions – for their children’s sake. I want to be part of the solution to changing the fossil fuel paradigm. SPEC is an important step on this journey.