A Silent Land – Day 5 on SPEC

We are I think finding our daily routine in our sled bound world. Pitching the tent, cooking, and managing our precious 15 minute breaks between marches are all becoming a little more structured.

The wind today was a reminder of what awaits us as we continue to gain altitude towards the South Pole. The patterns of snow flying across the well carved out landscape are hypnotic- especially when navigating. The sky was cloudless, only a deep blue, and a slither of moon was to be seen. We have 24 hours of daylight to guide us but also to leave confusion about what time, day or even month it might be.

8-9 hours of the day is spent in your own head when we are skiing.  It is amazing what sounds you recognize in this silent land. The sounds of ski and pole, wind, and your breath lay the platform for many thoughts to come.

We are not yet missing the internet or emails. The phone doesn’t ring and social media doesn’t absorb my day. Now I have time to think, truly think about all those things I was missing. I can see why they call this God’s continent. For whomever, your God might be, truly a greater being created Antarctica.

Kyle, Martin, Dad, and I are all aching but with some yoga, warm food, and rest we are ready to repeat. Again and again…