At The Pole – Day 57 Of SPEC


After 56 days skiing over 600 miles, the South Pole Energy Team has reached the South Pole. Pictured here with Commvault CMO Chris Powell, who joined the team for its last week and final 60 miles, at the South Pole with Commvault flag signed by employees from all over the world. Current weather at South Pole: Windchills -37 Celsius… true temp -28 Celsius! Commvault serves as the official Data Partner for the expedition organization 2041foundation.org, assuring all data is protected. (PRNewsfoto/Commvault)

Our arrival at the South Pole

The day was an absolute crazy one from the start and ended with such a great celebration.

We started in the morning at our normal time: 7 AM wake up, 7:30 breakfast, 9:00 tent down, and then 9:30 set off on our journey with temperatures around -28°C and -38°C with the wind chill.

The morning was very windy and a complete white out. It was a big challenge to navigate and our overall trip ended up probably lasting about 45 minutes to an hour longer for the day because of the white out conditions. It was a slow slog… the Pole was not going to make it easy on us. Visibility was so poor, we were within a mile and could not see our destination. Kudos to our guides. (BTW: The guys who traveled 600 miles over 56 days said that the day that we skied into the pole was one of the top 10 worst days in terms of weather.)

Good news was that the sun did finally break, and we were able to ski to the pole in a little bit better weather. But it was still very cold. We arrived and celebrated with many pictures.

What an incredible accomplishment for the three explorers who completed the 600 mile journey. They definitely earned their place in history books as the first expedition to rely completely on renewable energy. And what an honor for our Last Degree group to join them as they skied to the pole. It was quite a moment.

We had a wonderful meal prepared by Michele here at the South Pole ALE camp. Food, drink, and great conversation late into the evening.

Chris Powell

CMO Commvault