Barney And Martin Happy At Crossing 89 Degrees… Yes Martin Is Actually Smiling! – Day 49 Of SPEC


Every day and every step we are closer to the South Pole.

We skied 10.45nm today and are now only 8 nm away from meeting up with the Last Degree Team. We are now really looking forward to seeing them and it should be any day.

We have been fortunate also, with the weather, which has been kind to us the last few days. Temperatures have risen a little, to about -25°C and no wind. This may be the best weather we have seen on the journey so far. Perhaps also, as the sastrugi no longer haunts us, we are basking in this terrain and these improved conditions!

I picked up some other boots today from an airdrop. My feet are a bit of a mess and I can’t wait to see if some of the pain and discomfort will be alleviated by the change of footwear. I think the pair I have been wearing, were a little small and didn’t allow enough movement. It will be amazing if the new boots help.

Today we crossed the 89°S parallel and now only have 60nm until we reach the Geographic Pole. It seems surreal now that we have been on the ice for 55 days and that the Expedition is almost complete. Lots of work still to be done but hopefully we have raised some attention and eyebrows to the cause of utilizing more renewable energy into our daily lives. You will be hearing much more from me about it in the future.

I am now thinking about the next journey – No skiing – in February 2018. Dad and I will join an incredible and diverse group of people as we sail to the Antarctic Peninsula and continue this discussion and mission for changing our lifestyles. Due to the interest and demand, I understand we have opened up a few more places on the ship. So come and join us, join the conversation…. https://www.2041foundation.org/cfa18/

Until tomorrow…. Barney