Barney In The Batchelor Tent : Day 48 Of SPEC


We had a good day today 12.2nm.

We are getting closer to the South Pole and to the Last Degree Team, who we should meet up with in the next couple of days. My feet are still giving me trouble and I hope the LD Team have a few items that will make skiing a little easier for those last few miles. I have my own space again tonight in the Batchelor Pad… I can stretch a little further and work on my feet without disturbing the others. I am sure things will change when we meet up with Dad and the group.

We are completely in our routine now, I can almost do this in my sleep. It reminds me of driving to places and then not thinking about how I got there. That is a good thing as I need a little help for these last miles. The snow conditions have changed drastically and are smooth with little if no sastrugi. It’s amazing as we have been battling for what seems like a long time through the cluster of ice and snow to get here. The weather also is in our favor. A great day with little wind, even if the temperatures are now down to -30° C and will continue to drop as we climb higher and closer to the South Pole.

We have so many stories to tell I can’t wait to reach the Pole and share with everyone…for now though I will eat, work on my feet and sleep…..soundly