Coldest Day Yet – Day 10 of SPEC

Truly knackered after a long day of wind. Coldest day 100%. Serious climb over glacier buckle, provided some solid hold ups with the sleds.  Powder and snow mix made for hard skiing. Everyone is well fed and ready for an early night.

Disconnect to reconnect has always seemed such a clichéd statement. However recently it seems, without access to either fresh information or sensory contrast outside of our white bubble- we are slowly feeling more at home out here. Disconnecting more day by day from the fact paced ‘real world’.

The news, geopolitics, and social media are growing increasingly distant. With that distance, comes a peace. The internet holds such weight over my Day to day life. Emails, phone calls, and the occasional Cat video compile to a fairly large mental weight.

The potential conflict with North Korea, issues of racism, global refugees- so many of these large scale problems have lost their reference.

The longer I spend out here it is teaching me not to get caught up with the bigger picture. Focus on what you can control. Put your energy towards optimistic solutions. While ignorance is not an option, our hyper connected world of information and instant access can draw us, subtly, away from the important things right in front us.

Use technology, do not be used by it.