Mother Nature Continues to Test Us – Day 12 of SPEC

Today we had a later start… this was incredible. Today the skies were blue again, but Mother Nature continues to test us. The wind was blowing at about 15 knots but the gusts were measured as high as 45knts.

With temperatures already at minus 20°C, the gusts drop the temperature down to minus 30° C. It is hard to predict when those gusts will strike but they were on our faces all day and blowing snow around to ensure travel was a difficult as possible. We measure our travel distance today to be 9nm. We cannot seem to complete the magical 10 nm yet. But we are pushing to do so.

I thought a lot today about our mission and why we are here. I am so impressed and delighted that the technology we chose to bring on this expedition has proved invaluable. The snow melter designed by NASA and then adapted by the Checkerspot team, Kurt and Charlie are powered by the solar “tent” on each of the sleds. The solar panels work all day to generate the energy and though a series of cables they warm 4 thermos flasks and met the snow to a liquid by the time we reach our evening camp.

We then use the advanced bio fuels created by the Shell laboratories to take the temp of the water to boiling for food and drinks. The heat from the stove additionally warms the tent and dries any clothes from the trekking day. Where I am now. Tucked up in my sleeping bag and writing to you about our day…..tomorrow is almost here.