The Magic Number 10 – Day 13 of SPEC

Rob stops for a break on day 13 of the expedition.

These past three days have challenged all of us. At its worst 40 knot gusts blew straight into our faces. Ice coating everything our breath comes in contact with. Having bare skin exposed even for a few minutes brings numbing and pain. Layers Layer Layers…

The gear is holding up strong against the challenge. The ice-melter is still working well in overcast conditions despite slightly down in efficiency today. Biofuels are bringing a warm comfort to an ice soaked tent in the mornings. Finished another CSM 1000 calorie bar in our 10 minute break today- eating far more than I had expected which is a good sign. Put on weight instead of losing- it will be useful for the many miles ahead.

Although every part of me was aching and stiff, it was a delight to hear Martin saying we covered 10.11 Nautical miles (11.5 miles) today. A hooray was shared between the tents as the wind howled on.