Kyle Here – Day 14 of SPEC

An icy selfie from team videographer, Kyle.

Kyle Here…….Today you get to hear a little from me. What an experience to be on this expedition. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world as a videographer and settled with my wife in Norway. However, Antarctica has a magnetic quality that pulls me back time and time again. So, when Robert asked me to join him and Barney on this epic journey, several years ago, it was an instant “YES”.

However, now as a married man, I have to say I am eternally grateful to my beautiful and supportive wife Marthe who encouraged me to participate.

Following our impressive day of 10.1nm yesterday we exceeded our expectations and travelled 10.3nm today! It is amazing how in this quiet wonderland these small feats are perceived as enormous. We still had the wind in our faces this morning but by the afternoon it had dropped to about 10knts which was well received by all of us. The temperature is still bearable at minus 17 °C and we have to thank the Patagonia clothing for keeping us warm and dry.

After 14 days seeing nothing but the vast whiteness of Antarctica, today we saw far in the distance mountains. It is extraordinary to see something in the distance and very exciting. It was the topic of conversation all day. As we have exhausted, family, politics and life! We are about 23 nm from our first cache and it is helpful to have these distance goals.

Otherwise we are all well, enjoying the food and thankful to all those that have supported us. I personally, am extremely thankful to Commvault for being our data safety and security support. As a videographer it is crucially important to know that all the work you have done to create images and videos will be safe and secure. You should see the relief on my face each evening, when I see the message “your data has been sent” on my computer. On these cold, windy and exhausting days with enormous effort to capture the footage I would not be confident it will be safe in the temperatures, on my computer for the entire journey. So after “sending” it to Commvault via satellite, I sleep soooo much better.

Speaking of which….. goodnight all and thanks for following us…