On Another Planet – Day 15 of SPEC

Today started off well with little wind…though it started picking up before our first break. By the time we reached lunch it was back to 35 knots on the nose. Our speed drops and we covered only 9.6nm today.

I think back to my Footsteps of Scott Expedition and don’t remember there to be such a focus on how many miles we covered each day. I suppose more than 30 years ago my memory is a little clouded and as we were the first to complete such a journey in Antarctica there were no milestones in place. We were I suppose the “pioneers” of modern Antarctic Expeditions.

We are having technical problems with the phone today so no voice message I am afraid but hopefully we will get it up and running before tomorrow. I miss making the calls. It sometimes feels as though we are on another planet…so far away, so remote and sometimes so hostile. This is why we chose Antarctica for the South Pole Energy Challenge. If the technology can work here….then why not anywhere else in the world.