A Later Start Today – Day 17 of SPEC

We took a shorter day today… thought we might deserve a little later start and sometime to talk as a group, repair equipment, refine some of the technology and discuss the next week or so of travel. It was wonderful…..

Yesterday was the first night in over a week that it has not been windy. The option to sit outside after dinner was a delight tonight. We have been seeing mountains to the west, The Pensacola’s, for the past couple of days. They are a reminder of Our half way point- Theil Mountains. About 8 days or so away at our current pace.

Learning endless amounts from the team. There has not been a single moment of tension between us- super grateful to be surrounded by such fine gentleman. Many lessons of patience have already been learnt by me.

Helping Dad with yoga a lot recently- he is having a harder time recovering then in his whippersnapper days. Stretching twice daily has become vital. Many golden moments shared between us in flapping tents, and jacket hoods. We are keeping up maintenance on both ourselves and equipment. This place finds weakness. Lots of modifications have kept us busy between routines. Some minor blisters, and wind/sun damage have been a reminder to keep 100% protected in heavy winds.

Funny to think of Christmas decorations going up around the world. Whilst the days grow shorter up North and the festive season glows, the never setting sun slowly drifts higher down here.

Thinking a lot about the body of Ocean that circles us. The hundreds of kilometers of Ice we have covered is slowly on its way to that 71% of our planet. This ice cube we are currently sleeping on has the potential to change so much. Extremely motivated to continue in our mission to protect our climate from going south… excuse the pun.

Our mission to keep the ice IN Antarctica was further supported by the W–Foundation and HOOXI water from Korea. HOOXI Water which supports W-Foundation, continually, funds nature conservation projects all over the world. Hooxi water is gathered from an artesian source, hidden deep in the rainforest of Viti Levu Island. It is considered, the purest water on earth, HOOXI water is nature’s greatest gift from the pristine island of Fiji. All profit from HOOXI Water is re invested into HOOXI campaign projects.

Wook Lee the Chairman and Mr. Hung, the President are great friends of Dad and I. We were aware of their incredible efforts over the last few years to preserve and restore the natural environment and ecosystems (by constructing forests, restoring coral reefs, supporting endangered animals, etc.) around the world, not just in Korea, through W-Foundation. After a short meeting it was clear that we should be working together as a team to engage and inspire more people to support conservation at home, within organizations and in the countries. Thankfully they agreed and as part of this South Pole Energy Challenge Expedition, HOOXI Water and 2041 Foundation are partners. We are honored…..

In an effort to reach young people they create music videos each year, about the environment. See a few below;


Thank you for reading. Make the most of the rest of the day!!! And your shower….