Marching Nonstop – Day 19 of SPEC

We have been marching daily for almost three weeks straight. Aside from a two hour sleep in and a couple of extra hours a few afternoons ago- it has been nonstop.

Celebrating Martin’s birthday yesterday marked a day to remember! Aside from that and a few other specific moments- referencing time seems to be getting harder as the journey thickens. A one hour march can sometimes feel like half a day, then a week just compounded out of nowhere. Paying attention to the weather has been a way to maintain lineage- embracing storm and cloud as they pass between a clear blue sky.

Pressure spots in boots, wind blisters, and general aching has been wearing us in. Stretching, eating, rest, and being proactive has been key to keep on top of everything.

The longer we are out here, the more grateful I feel for all the support that has made this journey possible. Specifically excited to be working with the W-Foundation in South Korea. All their impact concerning conservation, water projects, and climate change is super inspiring. Thank you for believing in us. Both dad and I are motivated to work together within these coming years to invoke action and responsibly for our fragile planet.

So many people have made this dream a reality I could keep writing all day to thank you all- please know you everyone is following us over this rather large chunk of Ice. The amount of time to think whilst marching insures no one has been forgotten!!!

Not sure what day it is…
Better get to sleep!