Crevasses in the Distance – Day 20 of SPEC

Today we floated yet again through this crazy landscape of ice and sky which now seems so familiar. We’ve all become snow and ice experts and have learned to read which textures glide well and where you are likely to break through the surface stopping both you and the sled.

We are in a crevasse area at the moment so more conscious of where we are and our bearing of 170° has to be very accurate.. We can see enormous crevasses in the distance. They are about 20m wide. In the area we are walking you can feel the soft ice move under your feet then a huge whooshing sound. Very intimidating and then there are a few steps which are solid, then out of the blue….whoosh.

Due to this terrain, we slowed the pace to ensure safety and walked in tandem. With the wind still and frankly un-Antarctic day with a max temp of only -11° C . Still we were able to travel 9.66nm today. In about 6 days we will be alongside the Theil Mountains. With a height of 9,200 ft. and the range being 45 miles long, I am sure we will see them well in advance of our arrival.

With no wind and full sun today, we took off our masks at lunch to soak up some rays and decided a selfie was a good idea. Hope you enjoy it. We know however that this weather will not last  as wind is the norm here. We hope you all also had a lazy Sunday. Best wishes from the Spec team.