Learning from Dad – Day 21 of SPEC

10:47 miles felt like a long way today. High winds and lenticular clouds came out of nowhere in the early afternoon. Blasting straight down our jackets and into our faces.

Making snippets of conversation between skiing and snack breaks livens up the mood. Kyle and Martin have great humor, which always warm up a cold moment. I am truly grateful to be sharing the journey with such incredible people.

It is odd in one way to be here with my Dad. I have to say I did not know what to expect. We get along well in normal living conditions but one of us is always on the move. Sleeping in a tent 5ft x 8ft though is a very different animal. We have our moments when something bothers one of us or it has been a long day and someone is restless at night while you try to sleep.

Robert & Barney as a child.

But taking all that into consideration I feel I have been learning so much from Dad recently. In our busy life there never seems to be those quiet moments where we just kick off our shoes and have a long conversation. The phone rings, the email buzzes or there is much to do. Now, I am learning in depth about his past, his ideas on leadership, and epic polar tales from the beginning of last century. How can I have shared so much space with this human being for the last 23 years and not know all this?? Time to put the devices down people and talk to your parents. Maybe they will be cooler than you thought!

These past few days have been no easy task for Dad to keep up the pace. He is tough as nails though- hands feel like sandpaper, stubborn as a mule to always keep going. Come from the old British stock of “stiff upper lip”…just grin and bear it with no complaining. But I can tell, this place is wearing him in, as it is all of us. But with one foot in front of another- tomorrow we march once more.

Respect from way down south……….