Nearing the Thiel Mountains – Day 22 of SPEC

We are nearing Thiel Mountains and can see them far in the distance on our right side. Today we skied 10.3nm. An epic day for all of us but for Dad in particular. He really dug deep into his being to make this distance and not complain. I could tell it was hard, but he said nothing. Little wind and almost perfect weather for skiing today. And looking forward to a rest day when we reach Thiel Mountains in a few days.

When I think about it, it is bizarre. 22 days of nothing….just white, no trees, no animals, no color, no sound and no distractions.

We start the morning quiet and slowly get ready for the day ahead. A large assortment of clothing to put on, gear to prepare and the entre camp to pack up and secure tightly on the sled. It is much of a routine now this many days along and we all finish it in good time.

Then as we get moving we start to chat, share stories, discuss issues. Almost like an orchestra leading up to a crescendo and then slowly we organically forms a line and then ski settling back into silence, until our first break about 2 hours into the journey.

The ski interval is my thinking time. How can I have this much to think about? Where was all this thinking when I was home with my friends, devices, life and the chaos it all brings to me? I really wonder. The weird part is I really enjoy this time, look forward to it and ponder where my mind will go today? Will I solve all the world’s problems, invent a new technology to support the energy mix for the future or try and figure out who I am and what is my life’s purpose. I challenge everyone to try this thinking thing….

No matter, I am happy. Here with a wonderful group of people, learning so many things about my father that I probably would never have asked or known had we not taken this crazy adventure. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…