The First “Down Day” – Day 24 of SPEC


Today may have been the first “down day” that we have had since starting the SPEC Expedition.

The intention was to edit, categorize and upload all images and videos of the trek so far. Technology was not on our side and neither were the atmospherics. We were not able to make it happen today. With the help of Ross however, back in the UK we persevered and hopefully when the system reboots overnight we will be able to complete the task tomorrow.

We spent the day unpacking and repacking the sleds. Repairing equipment, clothing and tech gear. Looking at methods to make some of it more efficient and effective. Eating and relaxing in the tent and discussing the journey ahead and how our days will look as we complete he final 300 nm. Blister were treated as was some minor frost nip and some cuts and bruises….remember the sled hitting exercises we were working a few days ago??

With a little more time available we had a group dinner and ate probably more than our rations would allow! It was like Christmas in the tent….

As family and friend at home prepare for the festive season we will miss you, but think of you all, and are eternally grateful for the support we have had on this journey.