Day 52 Of SPEC


We moved slower this morning.

Taking in these last few days of the Expedition. It is so wonderful to be with Robert Swan on this day. 32 years ago he was standing at the Geographic South Pole after their 70 day ski journey from the edge of the Antarctic continent. He is happy and jolly telling stories of long ago….or just 32 years ago! He is happy Barney is back safely with him.

He talked a lot today about how things were different back then, equipment, clothing food, navigation. Their pulks weighed 320lbs…I can’t even fathom pulling such a sled. I wonder how they even reached the South Pole. They used just a sun compass, a watch and the sun. If we, the Last Degree Team, had been equipped with such navigational tools….we would be lost by now! We do rely so heavily on our technology to navigate us though daily tasks and through life. We have had many discussions as a group around what is possible and where the line is between dependency and addiction, between improving life and skills and losing touch with other human beings. We haven’t found the answer yet…. But there is always tomorrow!

We skied 3nm today, sort of a rest day but not quite. We are still climbing but the weather gods have been kind to us. Little wind, lots of sun and clear blue skies. We will ski a longer day tomorrow and anticipate reaching the South Pole on Sunday orMonday…I am enjoying every day, every moment as I know I may never return to this incredible place….