Dr Rob Check On Barney’s Feet Day 53 – Of SPEC


A great day today covering over 10 miles in 6 ‘pulls’.

We had the steepest inclines that we’ve had to deal with so far but everyone did really well although there was a bit more huffing and puffing and the breaks were much appreciated.  Barney led 2 pulls and the pace of the bigger group – now that we are effectively moving as one expedition- was good.

The weather was mixed, cloudy with a white out in the morning where it can be quite disorienting but not quite as cold and then the sun came out later.  Although it tends to be colder when the sky is clear it makes it easier to navigate as you can reference the angle of your shadow to maintain a steady course in addition to using the compass.

With one more big day tomorrow we will be well on course to arrive at the Pole midday Monday.

David Bunch

Global Vice President Retail Marketing