End of day 7 by Ourselves

Has it only been one week? This morning we woke to white out conditions. Navigating was a challenge but the horizon still had some blue that showed the way south. Without that blue, up, down, sideways all looked the same.

It has been a challenge to get 10 Nautical miles average. The past three days have been all bouncing around 9 nm each day.  We have had a lot of time in our own worlds over these miles. A bubble of white and blur in all directions. Nothing but ice, shadow, and clouds for reference. The tempo of skis, breath, and music can make the time go quickly… or sometimes very slowly!

Lots of great humour bouncing between the team. Laughter for sure lights up everyone’s day when it bursts through the crispy air. Thank the ALE base camp at union glacier, they are always making sure we are healthy and have not fallen into any icy tombs. The daily check in with them does wonders for dad’s sanity.

Still cannot believe what it would have been like to embark on the Footsteps of Scott with no radio or “connection” to anyone. Only now, being out here for meagre week do I somewhat know what that means.

Barney Swan-