Father And Son Reunited – Day 51 Of SPEC


January 10, 2018

SPEC and Last Degree Teams Unite!

Today we rendezvoused with the SPEC Team – what a blast to see Rob and Barney reunited!  It was a great father-son reunion.  I am in awe of how quickly the SPEC Team can get their tents up – I guess there is something to the old adage, “practice makes perfect.”

Everyone is in great spirits, and we are all delighted to see each other.  It was a strange experience to ski up to an established camp after so many miles.  Needless to say, great company and conversation were enjoyed tonight.

The cold is overwhelming at this point.  The temperature is now -20° Celsius with a wind chill of -35° Celsius.  I definitely need work on my face mask skills.

After meeting up with SPEC team, we were able to catch up on photos, blogs, emails and REST! More miles to go tomorrow as we strive to make the South Pole by the weekend.  Looking forward to concluding this adventure with the entire team.

Chris Powell

CMO, Commvault