Forcing our way Forward – Day 9 on SPEC

Another overcast day with walloping winds, knocking over the sleds and us, as we try to force our way forward.  The sastrugi is higher now and without contrast you can fall over or trip before you have time to notice. We were tired when we returned to the tent and as you can see from the picture….a shower is already long overdue!

It is uphill and into wind to the South Pole, but I am not sure I fully comprehended that before now. This might be the hardest thing I have ever done. Not just the skiing, cold and wind, but no distractions. No phone, social media, TV, friends. I can’t jump in the car and go for a drive. These days make me think a lot about “my world” and how I live in it. Both environmentally and psychologically. I am out front leading the way and I have 9 hours just to think….can you imagine that? Just thinking for 9 hours solid. About everything and anything.

Today, I was thinking about our friends in South Korea. We have partners with Hooxi Water and the W Foundation. When I first met Chairman Wook Lee and President Kyung Keun Hong, I was so impressed at all the incredible initiatives they were working on to engage and inspire the younger generation in Korea about conservation. They have celebration and rallies. They work in school and universities. They engage with the government and industry, knowing that as a team they can create an incredible wave of change and that is what is happening in South Korea. Sadly, I don’t speak the language but I have on my playlist a copy of a song they created called Beautiful World…. enjoy.

So if we can do our part by raising awareness about the use of more clean energy on this Expedition, and work with the W Foundation and all our partners as a team then maybe we can keep our….Beautiful World….