This year’s International Expedition to Antarctica, ClimateForce 2018

The time has finally come. 90 people from over 20 nations gather in the Southern Most city in the world, Ushuaia.  New and familiar faces mingle as cultures mix, and friendships take their first step.

An air of apprehension brews between the team- open ocean, savage winds, and glaciers await us all. But for now we remind ourselves of why we are down here- whilst enjoying the comforts and quirks of Southern Patagonia.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of working alongside Ben from Woodchuck USA, who has a 1 for 1 initiative with planting a tree for every one of his products sold. Altogether we planted 23 trees in Ushuaia throughout the day. With soil under our fingertips it was very hopeful to see a direct impact in the place we are traveling through.

WoodChuck’s story is one example of the many collaborations that are being explored within this diverse group of adventures from around the World. Several filmmakers, documenters, & content creators are working hard to share their experience and inspire change back in their respective communities. 

Our team is traveling to Antarctica with a shared purpose to come home better leaders within the sustainability field. With a focus on C02 and Energy, we intend to work together to expand and make commitments on infrastructure and lifestyle solutions.

Beyond excited to be surrounded by such a fine team, with a clear vision and shared responsibility.

So much still to come. Check back for updates throughout the expedition and share with your friends and family.