Is this Real?

Is this real? There was fog descending down on the ocean and just when we turned around another bend, straining to keep our eyes open from the snowfall, there it was… I don’t like the name so much, but it was called the Ice Graveyard…

A Panorama of icebergs, of every shade of blue and white you can think of, or maybe every shade that you’ve never even dreamt of. Just then, our Zodiac driver, turned off the engine, and then we heard water, the icebergs tossing off the surface, a distant penguin taking a plunge, the wind.

We couldn’t ask for anything more. Silence. Meditation. Peace.

– Prathyusha Parakala

So today was THAT day that I had been waiting for ever since it was first confirmed that I was coming on this exclusive expedition- THE POLAR PLUNGE DAY!

When I climbed down those steps at the gangway I had absolutely nothing on my mind. All I wanted was to come back up ALIVE. And then it was that moment… The moment of truth…! 3…2…1… JUMP! And this was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE  This cannot get any better.

I feel so privileged to be a part of this expedition amongst such incredible people!

– Aanya Soni