Looking Forward

Departing from Antarctica often leaves people feeling a blend of sadness and awe. After experiencing such a raw environment, it can be a hard prospect to adjust back to our ‘real’ lives and responsibilities. Eventually as time passes, and our focus shifts elsewhere, those intense feelings subside, and it can be easy to forget why we ventured South. Raising the funds, traveling half way around the world, and braving the Drake Passage…only to find oneself immersed in a strange and exotic land. If you didn’t know why you journeyed south whilst you were there, you most certainly do by the time you leave. Quite simply, it is unlike any other place on Earth, a pristine frontier still bound by nature whims, a place where few have had the fortune to pass through.

Within “The Leadership On The Edge Program” we have aligned people from different industries and backgrounds to work towards a more sustainable, clean energy future. Lets use this shared passion, and the experience of Antarctica, to become ambassadors for change and progression. We visited the Antarctic for a reason, let’s act upon it.

The people and moments shared will follow us all home, back into our families, businesses, and personal lives. Let us progress the story of what we experienced with an extra ‘layer’ of depth; a layer that reminds us that it isn’t someone else who will solve the issues of Climate Change, and protect the world for the next generation, its You… It’s all of us. If we align with common cause and active solutions, and become apart of the change that is needed, together we can create a brighter tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who was involved with this project. It is the beginning of many great things.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

-T.S Eliot

All Blog Photos by Trenton Branson

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