Martin Pulling Over Sastrugi – Day 37 Of SPEC


We are gaining altitude with each passing day. However it is not a straight up hill.

We are crawling are way across giant waves in the glacier. It is always daunting to see a big rise growing on the horizon, knowing that we have to go down before rising up once more.

All three of us are having issues with our boots and feet, constant repair is needed to ensure nothing gets too bad. The humor remains strong as ever.

The giant wind carved sastrugi make for interesting viewing, some of the formations are truly out of this world. They also can be super painful to fall into….

We have around 180 NM to go before reaching the pole, as the bird flies! Passing 87 degrees marks this.

Some words from my diary-


Fast from thoughts

Let the spin drift take them

Shadows curl around

Bearing remaining true

We borrow everything

Until we turn white

The void less blue

Manage the moment

Black and white

All the grey between


Incapacity is a chain laid

Open your eyes

To the one who lays the chain


Leave the thoughts

To ice and sky

For a heavy load can seem light

It is just a frame

Body and mind


Goodnight from another sunny evening