Martin Taking A Break After Crossing 88 Degrees – Day 44 Of SPEC


Today we made the final few miles to our final cache.

We are at 88.13s. Tonight I get the special treatment and spend the night in the bachelor tent. A little more space is such an indulgence on this Expedition.It is still blowing 20knots outside and it seems a long way to the other tent. Wind chill currently registers -37°C. We travelled 4nm to our final cache today and the contents of this depot will take us all the way to the South Pole. Just when you are getting used to the lighter pulks…up comes the cache and we load it all up again.

Everyone is good… some minor niggles although Barney is struggling with a painful toe and a little chaffing. Not really much to report aside from the fact that we are looking forward to meeting up with the last degree team in a few days. It will seem really bizarre for there to be other human beings with us. I suppose they will have news and information, there will be noise and smell like we haven’t seen in a while and yes…they will agree there will be “smell”. It’s been 45 days since a shower and that’s a lot even for me!!. Thankfully we are through the sastrugi. Tough pulling conditions are heavy as the cold temperatures makes the snow more sticky! So off to bed and we will try to make tomorrow a long day and get prepared for our new friends…..