Open Water, Day 3

It has been a long day on the Drake Passage. With 45 Knot winds and 8-meter waves in the early hours, waking up this morning was a big shock for some people.


Open Ocean can be brutal for those who are not used to it, and indeed to those who are seasoned. Armed with Sea Sickness Patches and Ginger Snacks, everyone rallied together to make this swaying ship our home for the next 2 weeks.

Witnessing the albatross gently dance over the white caps was a spectacle. It is said that the Albatross carries the lost souls of the Southern Seas. An estimated 30,000 have lost their lives in this patch of ocean we are currently passing through, mainly in the tall ships days of the 1800’s. We are happy to be in a steady ship in such weighted waters.

Every interaction over these past couple of days has shared a common thread of respect, both for each other and our environment. It is humbling to be experiencing a journey with such a motivated group. My thoughts are rich in hopeful inspiration concerning the United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals, the energy transition, and conservation. Together, with actionable solutions we really can make a difference, both on local and national levels.

But, before saving the world, we need to make sure to keep the vomiting off the carpet and out of the dinning room. Hopefully we will see our first icebergs tomorrow and the conditions will become kinder in within this wild passage. For now, we sit together this evening in the rocking stomach of the Ocean Endeavor. A group of 30 participants are singing around the Piano that is latched to the floor, just like everything else that could become a projectile missile.

Everyone is safe, and keeping merry as we sail into the Antarctic Circle tonight.