Pulling it Together

The past two days have been a full attack.

From finalizing our food into 60 separate bundles, packing our sleds, and testing as much tech as possible, time seems to be slipping past very quickly.

Twenty-four hour daylight definitely helps to confuse the linear perspective of viewing time.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have been opportunities to take a step back from our busy schedule of planning.

Getting to know all of the fellow expeditioners at base-camp has been centered on these meal times.

Alpine skiers from Austria, Climbers from New Zealand, kiters, and soloists alike stuffed around crammed tables.

Whether a seasoned legend, or simply a curious mind driven south, it’s remarkable to see the diversity of humans around us.

This place is a magnet for those who have a tendency to view things from the side.

So many people have shared advice regarding solar panels, connectors, electricity flow, and battery capacity.

Without these small bits of guidance, our challenge would be much harder.

Good news, we saw steam rise from our ice melters today for the first time.

Moment by moment we are getting closer to departing into the white with nothing but our sleds and each other.

Additionally, it is cold.