Somewhere in Antarctica – Day 25 Of SPEC


As you know, we have reached The Mountains and taken the opportunity to rest and recover.

This way point represents close to halfway. The team was far more tired than we thought after the past non-stop 25 days. There is nothing here but a small ice runway with some flags, buried resupply deposits, barrels of fuel, weather equipment, a snow cat, and a blue box.

After a well-deserved sleep in, we spent the day reviewing our logistics, sending out video and images, and equipment adjustments. Kyle has been working like a madman to organize the content we have captured over these past weeks. A big thanks sent to him because dealing with folders and files is not easy going when there are a million other things to do- at subzero temperatures.

It is a hard conversation to consider, but we are determining if it is possible to make the deadline for getting to the South Pole. Whilst Papa has put up sterling effort over the past 300 nautical miles, the remaining journey is going to require a strike average mileage. We only have so much food, and recovery days will not be possible at our current pace.

Lots of conversations and options to consider. Our plan is to spend¬†tomorrow¬†finalizing all of these details before moving up the hill towards the plateau. A cozy sleeping bag, no skiing, lots of stretching, and the world’s most isolated toilet (The blue box!!) are all welcome. This place saps ones energy so quickly whilst marching! It is relieving to feel some vigor drip back into our bones.