SPEC Last Degree Team Day 7


We started our day on January 8 with an 8:00 am breakfast of bacon and eggs…fuel for our five and a half sled pulls that covered 8.88 nm.

We started our trek with cloudy skies, no wind, and fairly mild temperatures.  In fact, Rob said it was the best condition he had seen so far, including his time earlier with Barney and the team.

That soon changed, as we encountered white out conditions later in the day.  Our guides, Devon and Johanna, were awesome, as they kept us going in a straight line.   No easy feat when you can’t see more than ten feet in front of you.  They preserved, walking a few feet ahead, checking the compass, and moving us all to the next spot.

The team is settling in to a good rhythm.  Our tents are going up faster and at the end of the day, there is time for some of us to listen to music or an audio book.  One of our team members, Ghazala, continues to struggle with cold feet, as her boots are constricting.  However, she is fighting the good fight and is determined to reach the pole with us. Listen to her voice message on this blog

Rob (pictured here on one of our breaks) has taken it upon himself to keep our spirits up.  He is always the first to provide words of encouragement or a well-timed joke to keep us moving. If I didn’t know better, I would think he came from central casting – the man wears the part of an Arctic explorer like no one else.

Our day ended with dinner and an early bed time.  Up tomorrow to do it again…hopefully with better conditions and some sun.

Chris Powell
CMO, Commvault