The Fish Islands

Today was colder than before, though it was not immediately evident when stepping onto the bobbing zodiac. As we raced towards the icy front, squeals and shouts were caught by the wind as we were hit by the freezing spray.

Rocky islands were dotted with penguins, their heads huddled into their plush bodies. We turned behind them towards the icebergs that seemed to glow an electric blue. 

Seals lay atop the slabs of ice, their fat bellies rising above their round little heads. The ice moved in quickly, and the zodiacs were forced to speed around the islands, through the freezing sea. The thick cover of clouds was dull and hazy, but in the distance the sun hit the mountains and made them glow. Despite the questionable weather, the extraordinary land and wildlife made the boat tour completely worth the freezing, soaking temperatures.

-Gabrielle Nicholls