This Is What It Looks Like With The Pole Somewhere Over The Endless Horizon – Day 42 Of SPEC


As we continue to climb up to the Polar Plateau we want to highlight the incredible support we have from our partners and without whom we would never have been able to make this journey a reality.

  Each supporter was handpicked by Robert to ensure his vision was in line with their companies mission. We asked Commvault for a few words about the partnership and they offered the following;

At Commvault, we are especially proud to join this #EverydayRemarkable journey with Robert and Barney as the official Data Partner, assuring that the images, videos, audio and data from Antarctica are protected and distributed.  We do this via the Commvault Data Platform, the world’s leading data protection software.  For this assignment, the Commvault platform is running on the Microsoft Azure cloud, with data being funneled through an Azure data center in South America.  We are leveraging Commvault Edge —  sync and file share software — that allows the team to upload data and then share it with all partners globally.  Our Commvault Managed Services team make it all possible.  Commvault’ s CMO Chris Powell will join the expedition shortly for the final push to the South Pole.  Every day, around the world, Commvault  software and services protect the remarkable journeys of companies and organizations of all sizes.

Thank you in particular to Chris Powell and Bill Wohl who have been with us every step of this Expedition.