Youth Climate Force Ambassadors

This year, there are a number of Youth Climate Force Ambassadors with us on our expedition, and they come with varied experiences. Yet, the goals are the same, to learn all that they can about how to become more sustainable in their daily life.

Today’s youth are becoming more vocal and more involved in paving the way for their future. I am working on a team with young people aged 13 to 16, and I asked them how this expedition is influencing them. One young man told me that he feels that his main goal has been met, and that was to become more interested in climate change. He explained that he did not know much about this topic before this trip, but that he has been inspired and motivated by all of the different presentations and people he has been exposed to. He says that he now feels that he can make a difference back home. He wants to work with his peers to talk about what he has seen and learned. This Youth Climate Force Ambassador feels that he is going away from this expedition a different person!

Our youngest member, aged 13, shared that she has found Antarctica to be so beautiful, and a place that should never be touched. Having learned about the Antarctic Treaty, and feeling a respect for this beautiful continent, she has told me that she feels we should all go home with a new respect for our own home environment.

The 16-year-old student that I have brought with me from my own school told me that she was so impressed with how positive and supportive the 2041 group is. She feels uplifted and has been able to learn and share from so many talented people. The talks have opened up her world to amazing facts about climate change and ways she can be part of the change to improve the problems we face today. She will go back to school and organise a Climate Force Club, to share and motivate her fellow students.

It is truly amazing to listen to so many people of all ages and walks of life come together for a common goal. There is hope for the future in the youth of today. Please join us as a Youth Climate Force Ambassador by clicking here. You will be part of a global force for a better world!

Thank you!

– Wendy Gediman
2041 Education Advisor